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How to pay off Christmas debt

Christmas shopping means plenty of fun presents, but it can also mean a lot of debt! Our Ron Trevino connects the dots on how you can pay it off before it piles up.

So the holiday hangover has started to wear off and unfortunately it is time to confront a disturbing reality. You probably spent too much money.

So how can you pay off that credit card debt? Let's connect the dots.

First up, we are sorry to say you will have to do a little math. Figure out how much debt you have then calculate how much extra cash you have each month. Now you can make a budget for the first three months of the year using any extra money after expenses to pay off those credit card bills.

If that's still not enough it's time to take a look at your tax return.

Some sites like Turbo Tax will let you work on your tax return without filing. If it shows a big tax refund, you can file early and use that money to wipe out your balances.

Remember the quicker you pay off that debt the less chance that interest has of piling up. Because you don't want your Christmas debt to stick around like all those extra pounds you packed on.

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