COLLEGE STATION, Texas — A&M University libraries dedicated a wall in the annex on Tuesday afternoon to honor contributions the Texas A&M football kick-off camp has made to the libraries.   

The camp was founded by former head football coach R.C. Slocum to give visiting alumni an inside look at their football program. 

For more than 25 years, the Kickoff Camp has given those alumni the opportunity to meet players and coaches all while supporting their alma mater. 

"To bring them in and have them participate, then each of them go back as ambassadors to their hometowns, what better way could you have people who are selling your program who are talking to people all over that came into the camp." Slocum said. 

Slocum was there to help the dean of libraries cut the ribbon and celebrate the wall dedication.

Over $500,000 of proceeds from the camp have been donated to the libraries since it started in 1993.