Phase II of Rellis’ Academic Complex was discussed and approved by the university’s board of regents Thursday afternoon, but it’s been in development for quite some time.

“What the academic complex is is Blinn college has about 14 thousand plus students in Brazos county ... and those students go here for two years,” said A&M Chancellor John Sharp. 

Students attend Blinn for that time, and many have the intention of going to A&M after finishing there, but in the past, if the were not accepted, they'd have to drop out or choose another Texas school. 

However, with Phase II approved by the Regents, Chancellor Sharp says it’ll give those Blinn students even more of a chance to stay where they are.

“After they finish their two years at Blinn... they may choose to do business at Texas A&M Corpus Christi and Texas A&M, all 10 of the regional institutions in the a&m system will have professors on the campus,” said Chancellor Sharp.

Basically, students who’ve made their home in the Brazos Valley won’t have to leave to pursue their four year degree. 

This school year is already off to a pretty good start, according to Chancellor Sharp, he said, "this fall there’ll be about 2000 students already on campus.”

On top of this new construction of phase ii of the academic complex, an additional $70 million has been approved to house army futures testing at Rellis.