COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Roughly $130 million dollars is going to Texas A&M, and while the university gets upgrades and new buildings quite often, a new addition involving the United States Army is setting itself apart from other renovations. 

Soon, A&M’s Rellis campus will not only house students, it will be home to army futures testing. 

“Well, when army futures command first came to Texas, we, along with other universities and corporations worked to bring them here,” said A&M Chancellor John Sharp. 

Chancellor John Sharp has always been confident in the Rellis campus’ ability to house testing and research, and in showing the campus to army futures, it became known just how many resources were there. 

“They weren’t aware of the hypersonics. We’re probably the number one or two hypersonics place in the country... directed energy... lasers... weapons systems and things like that... they came here they spent a lot of time... they just saw a ton of assets,” Chancellor Sharp said.

Those assets have earned A&M a big spot in our nation’s future. 

Chancellor Sharp said "Most of the research for the army futures command is going to be at the Rellis campus,” which means "this will be the only place in the country that anybody, including the military... or anyone else that’s a military contractor is going to have to be able to test these new weapons systems and see if their research is valid.”

On Thursday, the money for construction on facilities to house that testing will be put to a vote by the regents. 

“The legislature appropriated 50 million dollars last legislative session to help build the buildings and the regents will consider putting another 70 million dollars in order to build the combat development center that the army needs.”

Chancellor Sharp is confident the regents will vote to allocate that money from the permanent university fund.

“There’s a lot of history in that old army airbase. Gus Grisham and Buzz Aldrin both got their wings there... and we’re trying to preserve some of that history as well.”

The regents will also be voting on approval for construction for Phase II of Rellis’ Academic Complex.