BRENHAM, Tx-- Brenham Police have made an arrest in connection with murder of 20-year-old Trey Alan Kurtz. This arrest comes exactly one year after the Blinn College student was found murdered.

Late Thursday night police arrested 18-year-old Michael Charles Dixon of Brenham. Dixon is charged with capital murder and his bond is set at $1 million. Brenham Police say the incident is still under investigation and more arrests are pending.

A year ago, on the evening of October 30, 2014, officers responded to the intersection of Seelhorst and Dark streets after receiving a call about someone lying in the street. When they arrived, they found Kurtz, 20, dead from a gunshot wound.


UPDATE - Brenham Police have released new details on the investigation into 20-year-old Blinn student Trey Kurtz's murder.

Police confirmed that the suspect in this murder is a male and that he was not alone when he pulled the trigger. We also learned that Kurtz was shot one time and that whoever shot him is believe to be an acquaintance of the victim.

We still do not know what Kurtz was doing at the time of his murder; there were reports he was going to a party that night, but police couldn't confirm that.

Police also couldn't say anything else about what they've learned for fear that it could jeopardize the investigation.

"There are leads. We can't release them at this time. We've stayed in continual contact with the family and our hearts and prayers are still with the family. We're working very hard to get this case resolved so we get some amount of closure for the family and for the community and for the victim," said Chief Rex Phelps with Brenham Police. "Sometimes the public wants information, but we can actually cause a problem when we're trying to solve a problem if we're not careful. These are very sensitive issues and we just cannot release anymore information at this time."

Brenham Police did want to reassure the public that this murder was not a random act of violence and that it did not have anything to do with Blinn College.

Crimestoppers has issued a $10,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. A lot of that reward money was raised by Kurtz's friends and family in hopes someone will come forward with information.

Anyone with information is asked to call Brenham Police at (979) 337-7272.

BRENHAM, Texas - Brenham Police want to update the public on the investigation into Trey Kurtz's murder.

The 20-year-old Blinn College student was found shot to death at the intersection of Seelhorst and Dark Streets in Brenham on the night of October 30th.

Last Thursday, Brenham Police said they have reason to believe someone else was with the suspect the night Kurtz was shot and urged that individual to come forward.

Tuesday, Brenham Police and the Washington County Sheriff's Office announced a $10,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to an arrest. Police say the reward has generated some interest, but also some concerns from the community.

Chief Rex Phelps said the department wants to calm those concerns and said in a statement, "We've had calls from parents whose students are attending Blinn and local citizens and we'd like to try and calm those fears right now. Our evidence indicates this was an isolated incident and was not a random act of violence. Mr. Kurtz was not involved in any activities associated with Blinn College the night of his murder. Trey was not walking to or from any classes and was not on the campus."

"We understand this is a time of concern for all of our residents and we want to reassure them that this case is being very seriously investigated. Our thoughts and prayers are still with Trey's family, and we are continually in contact with them," Phelps said.

Anyone with information on Kurtz's murder is asked to call Brenham Police at (979) 337-7272 and ask for the detective leading the Kurtz case.