BRYAN, Texas — A few members of the Brazos Valley Beekeepers Association are dealing with the loss of several thousand of their bees after coming home to find two of their hives gone. 

John Primeaux shared a post on his Facebook page, saying his family came home to find his children's hives had been stolen. 

J-p and Liya Primeaux are third and second year beekeepers with the association and have been putting in their time and effort to raise and maintain their bees. 

They just want to find out why and how someone would steal them. 

"There was around 30,000 bees to 50,000 bees. We don't know how, because the placement of our beehives is so particular, you can't see it driving down the highway or the road. So it had to be someone who knew where they were. It feels pretty hard on me. Because that's two years of work," J.P. Primeaux said.

The Primeaux family has filed a report with the Milam County Sheriff's Office. 

They also told me some beekeepers in Colorado are looking to share some bees with them. 

We'll keep you posted.