BRYAN, Texas — Breuna and her son, Syaun were just running a quick errand at a gas station when they saw two Bryan Police officers at the store. 

Syaun immediately thought of what comes to mind for a lot of kids his age-- stickers.

“It was a lady in there and he waited until she got through talking... and he was like ‘Do you have a sticker,’” Breuna said.

Syaun loves stickers, but unfortunately, neither officer had one to give him.

However, the second officer he asked presented a counter offer. 

"He was like, ‘no I don’t have a sticker, but what’s your name? He said ‘how do you spell it?’ and he was like, ‘Sy-aun,’” Breuna said.

After Officer Moore got Syaun's name, he asked where he lived.

Breuna gave their address, and Officer Moore told them he'd come by and bring Syaun a sticker if they were home. 

Sure enough, the next day Breuna and Syaun weren’t home when officer moore came to visit, but he left a bear instead of a sticker and a sweet note along with it.

He wished the family a happy Fourth of July. We reached out to Bryan PD who wanted to keep the moment between Officer Moore and little Syaun.