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KAGS Spotlight: BCS Together serving children in need

BCS Together has been able to serve 850 kids in Child Protective Services in 2020.
Credit: KAGS

BRYAN, Texas — BCS Together exists to serve kids in Child Protective Services' basic needs. 

“Being here has brought so much joy," said Lauren Falcone, the director of community partnerships for BCS Together.

Almost in existence for one year, the non-profit provides children and families involved in the foster system with clothing, diapers, toys, meals, even mentoring and training for new foster and adoptive families.

“This goes directly to the children and they are so excited when they get to come shopping at our Closet," Falcone said.

The non-profit has been able to serve 850 kids in 2020. 

“This year alone we have seen the need rise for helping children [removed] from homes and it has skyrocketed in our community," Falcone said. 

BCS Together recognizes that problem only increased once the pandemic began. They’re thankful they can help so many local children in need. They said it could not have been done without their local partners and support

“We just feel so blessed because, although this is a difficult situation, these kids are feeling the love and support of the community wrapped around them," Falcone said.

They really believe in their name, BCS Together. These partnerships and community involvement makes sure their resources get stretched as far as possible. 

“These kids can come in and get what they need, a CASA worker can come in and get what they need for their kid," Falcone said.

Currently, BCS Together works to provide children with items for everyday life. However, in a new project set for the new year, they will be able to provide kids involved in CPS a place to stay while they wait for a foster home. 

The Haven will exist, so children don’t have to stay in the CPS office," Falcone said. "They’re going to be able to come to the warm environment where they feel safe and secure.” 

BCS Together realizes the need for their services is far from over. They look forward to continuing to bring resources and care for children touched by the child welfare system. 

“Letting them know that they are not alone, they are safe, they are loved and they have a whole community that supports and loves them," Falcone said.

BCS Together has different ways the public can get involved. People can donate new or used clothes, money and even donate their time working at the Closet. For information click HERE