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BTU says more than $200,000 in pledge money available for customers in need

BTU says more than 460 customers could have their power cut off, but local organizations have pledged money to stop that. All customers need to do is ask for it.

Bryan Texas Utilities continues to see letters and other forms of protest to their cut offs and fees, but the company says that an existing solution for customers in need is being overlooked. 

As of August 12, 2020, BTU has 465 customers in danger of having their power cut off. 

The company says that doesn’t have to be the case, though. 

Through August 10, 2020 they have gotten more than $200,000 in pledges from different organizations to help customers with their utility bills.

And those previously mentioned 465 customers owe a combined total of about $184,000, which means there’s more than enough money to help. 

“This is gonna be an ongoing thing," said Mike Connor, a Senior Accounts Manager at BTU, "we’ve always had organizations that pledge money for customer utility bills even before the pandemic.” 

Connor noted this issue has just been brought to the forefront with the pandemic.

So all a concerned customer has to do is give BTU a call, and the company will put them in contact with different agencies they can get the pledge money from. 

From there, payment arrangements can be made to get their bills up to date. 

BTU noted they have always been transparent about the resources available, though. 

“Every customer whose account was subject to disconnection actually received a letter before we started resuming disconnects with a list of all these organizations that have made pledges to us in the past,” Connor said. 

The company says they welcome customer calls about this because they really do want to help. 

To find out more about BTU’s policies you can visit their website. 

To get in contact with organizations that help people in a tough spot right now, call 211 or click here.