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Central Texas business is bouncing back after a double hit

After the winter storm and a robbery, Pustka Family Barbeque says they are not letting the setbacks stop them.

TEMPLE, Texas — One local barbeque business started the week off with a series of unfortunate events, and it wasn't just because of the winter storm.

Dustin Pustka, owner of Pustka Family Barbeque, says he began the week by putting his dog of 13 years down. As if that wasn't enough, the ice storm hit right after, costing the business two days of potential revenue. 

On Tuesday, part of the building was broken into. A chest full of tools, power tools, a ladder, a brand new weed eater and a $3,000 generator for the food trailer were all missing. The building was damaged and a mess was left inside as well. 

More damage was done once Pustka saw the cover for the outside seating area. The area collapsed because of the weight of the ice during the winter storm, resulting in a very expensive loss. However, Pustka is not giving up.  

"We're still standing," Pustka said. "We're still here, we're still fighting and we're not going anywhere."

Despite the challenges, Pustka is finding strength in a few different things. 

"I've got a wife and two kids that depend on me," Pustka said. "I can't quit. They got to have a home, but that is the main thing that keeps me going. Also, also just my passion for food."

The business was originally established in Austin and decided to come back to its roots. Fortunately, that's right here in Temple, Texas.

"This is where I was born, all my siblings, my mom and dad grew up in this area as well," Pustka said. "We want to really become a part of the community and not just be here, you know, making money and serving food. We want to get as involved as we can."

The community is ready to support the them along the way, keeping the business on its feet and ready to serve. 

Customers from his previous location are driving hours to buy the barbeque, and it's not just because of the food. 

"Dustin is just such an amazing guy, and we were kind of bummed when they moved down to Hutto, but glad to see they landed here and excited to come out and support him," barbeque lover, Alex Chapman said. 

Others are simply just that in love with the food and how it tastes. 

"They take care of the portions good," another barbeque lover, Mack Purifoy, said. "I've always heard that a measure of good barbeque is that you don't need any sauce. Moist, tender, no sauce. It's good."

The business hopes to get a restaurant up by the end of 2023. If you want to grab a bite of some barbeque or chicken, Pustka Family Barbeque is located off Texas 36 in Temple. 


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