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Temperatures have increased wildfires in Texas

College Station Fire officials explained why the spread of wildfires are common during this time.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — The Texas A&M Forest Service reported that they have responded to 32 wildfires for nearly 913 acres burned across the state, since June 24. 

Captain Stuart Marrs, the College Station Fire Department, said wildfires are breaking out because of severe and dry heat. Marrs shared how these wildfires and grass fires are common during the summer throughout Texas.

Marrs said the smallest things can start fires such as trucks throwing fire sparks as they drag trailers or even flicking a cigarette.

"In the summer months when the grass is dry along the highway that's when you see those big scorched areas, people are always being careless with their cigarettes and throwing them out the window," said Marrs.

According to Marrs, when the ground is so hot, it dries out. This contributes to how easy it is for these fires to start and spread quickly he said. However, these fires don't typically last long.  

Marrs explained how firefighters are trained to respond to them differently than normal ones.

"We don't fight it the same way we would a house fire, we just try to contain it, that's why when you hear a report where a wildfire is contained," said Marrs.

 During the summers, the captain explained wildfires are not easy to contain, he said they work to keep their firefighters cool and hydrated.

"We keep jugs of water and Gatorade on the truck so that we can stay hydrated and really the event doesn't last very long," said Marrs.

Marrs said they watch out for each other when they're on a scene so they can make sure no one is overworking themselves.

A burn ban was passed by Brazos County commissioners on June 28, which prohibits any outdoor burning.

As the Fourth of July weekend approaches, Marrs has encouraged residents to follow the burn ban. Marrs shared some ways to celebrate the holiday in a safe way to avoid these grass fires. 

"We recommend you go to a professional show, like the Rellis campus to watch the fireworks, or if you're celebrating at home use glow sticks, use party poppers and noise makers, use things that don't involve fire, and sparks," said Marrs.

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