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Women's History Month: looking at the worlds of construction and electricity from a woman's perspective

Verónica Lake Nuñez spoke on how being seen as an equal in male-dominated fields in construction has its challenges as a woman.

BRYAN, Texas — As KAGS continues to highlight women in male-dominated industries and those making a difference, a Bryan woman is making a splash in the electrical sign industry.

Verónica Lake Nuñez is an electrical sign contractor, which can be challenging for women to navigate, since it's a historically male-dominated industry. She even has her apprentice electricians license and owns her own sign company.

"It can be challenging because as a woman you're kind of looked down on as you know we're not as knowledgeable in the construction industry," Nuñez said. 

Women only make up 4.4% of electricians, while men account for 94%, according to a career database. This number also stretches into the field of construction, as men overwhelmingly dominate the gender numbers in the workplace overwomen

For Nuñez, her role falls under both categories: construction and electricity.

She shared that she wants to break the status quo of women not being on the same level as men in certain industries, as she hopes to educate her young boys the same lesson that she's learned firsthand: that anything is possible, no matter what gender you are.

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