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A women's leadership brunch opening the discussion on workplace mentality

Beth Medley, a local life coach, will host a women in leadership brunch in Navasota on Sunday, June 3 to connect women of all industries.

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — According to the U.S Census there are more than 675 women-owned businesses in Brazos County and that number is growing quickly. 

Beth Medley is a local life coach that focuses on uplifting women in all stages of life. 

She aims to create an open discussion on workplace mentality. 

“Hustle culture is killing us.” explained Medley. "Its killing us, and this whole idea of girl boss and just push through and make your own way its just so harmful, and the truth of the matter is, we cannot grow into who we are supposed to be unless we have a safe community around us in which to do that."

Next weekend, on Sunday, June 3, Medley is calling on all women to connect through their shared experiences and challenges with a brunch at Rail and Rye in Navasota. 

Medley described the concept, “It's gonna be business professionals, non-profit leaders, ministry leaders, wherever you find yourself that’s who I wanna work with. I wanna make this safe space for us to come together and be able to really truly talk about what's going on behind closed doors.”

Her philosophy is simple: understanding yourself is key to creating success. 

“I think that there are pieces to leadership that no one’s really talking about especially for women, because its foundational so if we can back up and go to back to basics of how are you gonna be okay in your life like how can we learn how to be our authentic self and then live that in the work place or in our professional world,” said Medley.

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