AUSTIN, Texas — The Catholic diocese of Austin released a list of 22 priests "credibly accused" of sexual assault Thursday, including some with ties to the Brazos Valley. 

Paul M. Clogan and Daniel Joseph Delaney were both assigned to St. Joseph parish in Bryan.  Clogan died in 2012, Delaney died in 2008. 

James H. Greenwell served at Blessed Sacrament in Cameron before his death in 2012. 

Conrad Kinder was assigned to Conventus S. Maria (In Residence) in Bremond.  He died in 1978.

James R. O'Connor was also assigned to the Conventus S. Maria in Bremond.  He was also assigned to St. Mary's church in Hearne before he was removed from ministry in 2004.  He was laicized in 2018.   

Three different priests on the list were assigned to St. Mary Church in Bremond.  Michael Francis Krol died in 1996, Adrianus (aka Andy, Andrew, Andre) Johannes Willemsen died in 2012, and Louis J. Wozniak retired in 1999 before being removed from ministry in 2015.

Victor G. Robles served at St. Mary's in Calvert and St. Teresa in Bryan.  He was removed from ministry in 2002 and retired in 2009.

In a statement released Thursday, the Diocese of Austin said, "The inclusion of a name on this list does not establish that the allegation was substantiated or proven to the Diocese of Austin, a court, or other authority; and does not establish that sexual abuse under the Texas Penal Code actually occurred".