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What is "Bank Jugging," and why should we care?

"Bank Jugging" happens when suspects follow people leaving banks to go to another business or store and steal their money.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — The Brazos County Sheriff’s Office says "Bank Jugging," happens when suspects sit at bank parking lots, watch customers go in and out of the bank and follow them to burglarize their cars at their next stop, usually another business or store. 

They usually target people carrying bank bags, envelopes or coin boxes 

And while they are more likely to break in someone’s empty car to find the money, some “juggers” might confront the customer and try taking their money by force. 

What can “juggers” look like, though?

The sheriff’s office says to look out for occupied cars that stop by a bank in a spot with a clear view of customers going in and out. 

Their car windows can be tinted, often changing parking spots and with multiple people inside who don’t leave the car. 

So how can you protect yourself?

First and foremost, be aware of your surroundings. 

Hide your money before you walk out of the bank, and don’t leave it in the car during your next stop. 

And if you suspect you’re being followed once you leave the bank, call 911. 

As always, if you see something, say something.