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Two men sentenced to 25 years total for 'sex slave' deal in Dallas, DOJ says

A U.S. attorney said a man admitted to posting about the victim on social media, claiming he "won" her in a card game. The other admitted to offering $5,000 for her.
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DALLAS — The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced the sentencing of two men in connection to a human trafficking case in Dallas.

According to U.S. Attorney Chad Meacham from the Northern District of Texas, the men were sentenced to 25 years total for exchanging a victim that was held as a sex "slave."

Meacham said 37-year-old Alfonso Orozco Juarez admitted to posting about the victim as an advertisement on social media in September 2019. Juarez claimed to have "won" her in a card game.

Robert Hubert allegedly admitted to replying to the social media post and offering $5,000 in exchange for the victim.

Meacham said Juarez messaged Hubert about the victim, claiming her as "property" and bragging that he pistol whipped her.

One week after Juarez's post, he handed the victim to Hubert at a Dallas gas station, according to the attorney.

Hubert allegedly admitted to putting a metal collar around the victim's neck while driving back to his home.

The U.S. attorney said that the victim texted Juarez, pleading for help. She texted, "I'm afraid if I don't do something, he's going to hurt me."

Juarez texted her back telling her to "Endure what you have to," said Meacham. The alleged message also said, "He'll punish you whip you ... but not kill you."

The attorney said Hubert admitted to the handcuffing the victim and forcing her to sleep naked at the foot of his bed. She later convinced him to let her call her parents, who agreed to pay $5,000 for her safe return. 

Eventually, the victim was able to escape Hubert's home, according to the attorney.

The two men both pleaded guilty in their cases and are now in federal prison. Juarez pleaded guilty for kidnapping, and Hubert pleaded guilty for sex trafficking.

Juarez was sentenced for just over 10 years (121 months) and Robert Hubert was sentenced for 15 years.

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