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FBI Houston office discusses specifics behind the search for missing Grimes County toddler

About two dozen law enforcement agencies are helping search for the missing 3-year-old boy near Plantersville.

GRIMES COUNTY, Texas — More than 24 hours has passed since Christopher Ramirez, 3, of Grimes County, has gone missing. More than two dozen law enforcement agencies are helping look for the boy.

In an interview with KAGS News, Christina Garza, who is with the FBI Houston Field Office, answered several questions about the search and rescue efforts.

KAGS: What has the FBI done to aid in the investigation?

CG: The FBI has really brought in every single resource it possibly can to assist in finding Christopher. We've got investigator resources, personnel here. We will be here until after dark tomorrow until necessary until after we find Christopher. Think about our evidence response teams literally going into the woods searching high, low, under logs, rocks, trees, water -- everything looking for Christopher.

KAGS:  Can you explain to us why an AMBER Alert has not been issued yet?

CG: There is specific criteria that a law enforcement agency must meet in order for an AMBER Alert to be issued. I don't know the reasons in this case. That would be a question for the Grimes County Sheriff's Office. But I know there is specific criteria that must be met before an AMBER Alert is issued.

KAGS: It's been over 24 hours. Why are you still searching in this area?

CG: Because Christopher hasn't been found. Until we find Christopher, we will be here. Day, night, with all of our partners -- there's over 150 members from law enforcement and volunteers looking for Christopher. We'll be here well into the night if needed.

KAGS: Will you increase your water search?

CG: That is part of it. If there's evidence that leads us to believe that we should, absolutely.

KAGS: How much of this area have you checked?

CG: There is an entire 1 - 5 mile radius that we're looking at and we'll continue to look at. Again, until evidence points us elsewhere, we will remain in this area looking for Christopher.

KAGS: People are asking about the search dogs losing Christopher's scent. Can you speak about that?

CG: I cannot. That would be a question for a separate group.

KAGS: Is there any updated information that you can share with us at this time?

CG: I just want the public to know that a lot of times it's information from the public that assists law enforcement so anyone with information about Christopher - whether it's big, small - please report it to the Grimes County Sheriff's Office. We don't do this without the assistance of the public. You guys in the media also play a critical role so let's hope Christopher is found safe and soon.

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