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Former College Station bank employee accused of stealing from elderly couple, claimed she was having an affair with male victim

The former bank employee stole over $3,000 from couple before being caught, police said.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — A former College Station bank employee has been arrested for transferring thousands of dollars from an elderly couple's bank account to her own account.

Marissa Garcia, 22, is charged with theft after the bank said it was discovered she had accessed the victims' account through an audit.

Police said Garcia transferred $3,000.59 from the couple's account to PayPal and Venmo accounts that were traced back to the suspect.

The bank fired Garcia from her position after the audit.

Garcia told police she accidentally transferred nearly $800 from the victims' account to pay her credit card bill.

She said from working at the bank, she had memorized the couple's account number and had accidentally punched it in when paying the bill.

However, police said the victims don't visit the bank branch Garcia worked at and Garcia would have no reason to be in their account.

Police said when they questioned Garcia about the other money transfers, she claimed she was having an affair with the male victim and his wife had found out.

The victims told police they did not know who Garcia was, did not have email and did not have PayPal or Venmo accounts.

This is a developing story and we will update you as information becomes available.

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