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Mayor breaks down letter circulating in College Station

The National Police Association, who describes themselves as a non-profit in support of police, sent out a letter asking for donations and community action.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — As the holiday season continues people will likely see a lot of emails or letters asking for monetary donations. 

That is just what happened to a local woman who reached out to KAGS and asked about a letter from an out of state organization.

Judy LeUnes, a former College Station teacher and now president of non-profit Wienerspiel, is pretty involved in her community.

She is used to getting correspondence about it, but it was a recent trip to the mailbox that raised her concerns.

LeUnes got a letter from the National Police Association.

“When I got this in the mail, I opened it and was actually shocked,” she said.

When you look on their website, the NPA says they’re a non-profit organization founded to "educate supporters in law enforcement in how to help police departments accomplish their goals." 

In their letter LeUnes got, the NPA mentioned organizations like Black Lives Matter and the ACLU that are, “determined to stop quality of life policing across America,” and asked people in College Station to voice their concerns about that happening in their city. 

“It was trying to scare people in our community into believing that the police were having to go in and stop vagrancy, trash, and it’s definitely not what our police are doing,” LeUnes said.

The letter gave examples of other larger areas who have reformed their police programs and asked people in College Station to donate to their organization and get mayor Karl Mooney’s attention about issues that could come up in College Station.

“Until a citizen brought this letter to my attention, I didn’t even know it existed," he said.

Mayor Mooney said he has spoken to and heard about other mayors getting these letters in their cities. 

“They want it to appear that the letter’s endorsed by me," he said. 

"At the same time, they want other folks to think that maybe something isn’t going the way it should in College Station.”

Mayor Mooney noted the wording of the letters are intentionally designed to get an emotional response.

He also assured that organizations like BLM or the ACLU have not raised any concerns or requests about taking money from the local police department.

"We support our police,” he said.

So if others see the NPA's letter in the mail, Mayor Mooney hopes they think critically before acting on any requests. 

“You would hope that before that somebody sends a letter such as this, that they would take a good look at our city,” he said.