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'It's a hate crime' | Mother of shot juvenile demanding answers in unsolved case

Last month, three juveniles were shot in Wixon Valley. Now the mother of one victim is calling for answers as she believes Brazos Co. Sheriff's are covering it up.

WIXON VALLEY, Texas — It's been a month since a shooting in Wixon Valley left three juveniles injured. At the time, there were no suspects or motive behind the shooting that was established by the Brazos County Sheriff's office and still no arrests have been made a month later.

Latasha Simpson, the mother of one of the juveniles shot, is searching for answers. She believes Brazos County Sheriff's are simply covering it up due to her daughter and the victims' claims that they have an idea of the identity behind the shooter.

"It's a coverup crime, it's a hate crime," Simpson said. "One of the kids that was involved told them about a white man in the bushes in a blue suit."

Simpson shared that this was ignored by Bryan Police and Brazos County Sheriff's who investigated a different person of interest. However when asked about where Brazos Sheriff's are in the case, they told KAGS they still have no leads at this time, despite suspicions. 

"So the case is still open and investigators are actively pursuing leads and investigating the case," said David Wilcox, Brazos County Sheriff's Public Information Officer.

Simpson explained how she was told by police that their suspicions of a white neighbor who she said has called her family racial slurs in the past, were just allegations without looking into that suspect.

"They basically brushed it off," said Simpson.

However, Simpson's daughter--one of the juveniles involved in the shooting--shared the same outraged sentiment in regards to her case. She chose to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation to what she also believes is a hate crime being covered up.

They both also shared that they will not rest until the truth is revealed.

"We basically got a hate crime going on in Brazos County and the Brazos County Sheriff's department is trying to cover it up," said Simpson.

She is now calling on the community to rally with her, not just for her daughter's justice but all children of color to be heard.

"Black lives matter and the way I see it, no justice no peace," Simpson said. "'Long as I ain't got no justice, it's not gone be no peace."

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