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Update: All charges have been dropped against Smith

Ainias Smith's attorney, Craig Greening ,confirmed via twitter that all charges have been dissmissed and drop against Texas A&M football player, Ainias Smith.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Updates :July 28:

Ainias Smith's attorney, Craig Greening, and another reporter confirmed via twitter that all charges against Smith have been dismissed.

We are reaching out to Craig Greening, for a official statment to confirmed Texas A&M police did drop the charges. We did not recieve any updates yet. 

Smith did retweet and respond to the post on Twitter.

 There were three twitter quotes in the post stating :

" I received word from the Brazos County Attorney’s office that they are refusing to prosecute all charges filed by the. . “

"University police department essentially means all the charges were dismissed". . . 

 "I’m just happy that Brazos county attorneys office looked at this quickly and took swift action to exonerate Ainias Smith off all Charges. 

We will have more updates on the story, once an official statment is given by Greening.

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Update: July 27

Ainias Smith's attorney, Craig Greening, informed KAGS news that Texas A&M has lifted the suspension on his client.

July 20, Smith was arrested by Texas A&M police for driving while intoxicated, unlawfully carrying a weapon and possessing marijuana, according to records. 

Smith was expected to represent the Aggies at SEC Media Days on July 21 but, was placed on suspension. 

The Texas A&M athletic department did received information regarding Smith's arrest.

"I was told by the university that they looked at all the facts, and believed the suspension should be lifted",  said Greening. 

According to Greening, he has been immediately released to play back on the team. 

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