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Three arrested after several car burglaries, theft of firearms in Bryan

All three people were not from Brazos County. One is from Plantersville, another from Millican and the third is from Navasota.
Joseph Davila, 18, of Plantersville (l) and Ernest Cantu, 18, of Millican (r), are facing several charges after the thefts of four firearms and car burglaries in Bryan.

BRYAN, Texas — Three people who don't live in Brazos County were arrested Wednesday after police allegedly find them with several stolen firearms and a trail of alleged criminal activity.

Ernest Cantu, 18, of Millican, is charged with four counts theft of a firearm, three counts of burglary of vehicles and one count of engaging in criminal activity. Joseph Davila, 18, of Plantersville, is charged with four counts theft of a firearm, three counts of burglary of vehicles, one count of engaging in criminal activity and one count possession of marijuana. A 16-year-old from Navasota was also arrested at the scene, according to Bryan officers.

Officers responded to the area of Knightsbridge and Warick after reports came in that people were pulling on car door handles. According to an officer in an unmarked vehicle near the scene, they reported seeing an SUV with expired registration circle the neighborhood several times.

The officers made a traffic stop on the SUV and said, upon searching the car, they found the 16-year-old male in the trunk area of the SUV and he was laying on top of a backpack. Officers said they found four pistols in the backpack, all of which were allegedly stolen.

Investigators said one of those arrested told officers they came to Bryan to go "poking" in. "Poking" is a term used by some to describe looking for unlocked vehicles so they can allegedly steal things from them. When investigators asked how much money they made from doing this, one of them allegedly said between $40 and $120 a night.

After searching the area, authorities said they found one victim, whose vehicle had been burglarized. The victim had two pistols stolen, two of which are of the four police claim they found in the possession of the three men who were arrested. The victim said his vehicle was unlocked.

Another victim said out of the three boxes of ammunition they had in their car, 10 to 15 rounds of 9mm ammo was stolen from him. Another victim had two vehicles allegedly gone through by the suspects. While nothing appeared to be stolen, the victim said it was captured on nearby surveillance video.

At last check, Cantu is in the Brazos County Jail on $25,000 bond. Davila is also in the Brazos County Jail on $25,500 bond. The status of teen has not been released because they are a juvenile.

The Bryan Police Department wants you to remember your 9 p.m. routine. Lock your vehicle, remove your valuables, including firearms, purses, money and electronics.