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Man sentenced to 35 years in prison for January 2022 aggravated robbery, attempted aggravated kidnapping case

Tyrone Rush, the man in question, was arrested in February after committing crimes on January 27, 2022 in a College Station Walmart.
Credit: KAGS Digital

BRYAN, Texas — The Brazos County District Attorney has revealed that a man has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for aggravated robbery and attempted aggravated kidnapping in a press release on Tuesday, Nov. 29.

Tyrone Rush, the man in question, reportedly robbed a woman in a College Station Walmart parking lot at 10 a.m. on January 27, 2022, forcing her into her vehicle and demanding her car keys. 

The unnamed woman didn't give into Rush's demands, however, and instead offered to give him her purse, credit card, and keys in exchange for her being left behind, according to authorities. Rush reportedly left on foot with the woman's cards at the end of the exchange.

The woman later reported the incident to College Station Police, and soon got an alert that someone was attempting to use her credit card at a nearby gas station, according to the Brazos County District Attorney. 

Authorities later were able to identify Rush through the cooperation of a number of sources, eventually leading to a warrant being issued for his arrest, according to the Brazos County District Attorney.

Rush was reportedly arrested with the help of Crime Stoppers on February 19, 2022, and later admitted to attempted robbery of the woman in January, but denied attempting to kidnap her or attempting to force the woman to leave with him. However, Rush did admit to trying to use the woman's card.

In a statement from Assistant District Attorney Brian Price, he said "In the midst of the most harrowing incident this victim had ever faced, she had the foresight and fortitude to not simply give up. She and her family were involved throughout this process and are grateful the defendant is off the streets for a significant period of time, while also sparing her a jury trial and letting her start the process of putting this nightmare behind her."

The full press release can be found below.

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