UPDATE 6/12/2019: After an investigation, College Station Police determined reports that an 11-year-old girl was nearly abducted while checking the mail at her home in College Station were the result of a misunderstanding, College Station Police police say.

On Wednesday, June 5, 2019, an 11-year-old girl reported that while she attempted to retrieve mail from her family’s mailbox, a small hatchback vehicle, possibly blue in color drove passed her. After the vehicle passed her, it stopped and three males exited the vehicle and began to chase her, according to College Station police.

Police later located the possible suspect vehicle and its driver.

An investigation revealed that the incident was a misunderstanding. The owner of the vehicle drove by the girl and stopped further down the road. The driver stopped the vehicle to attempt to fix an issue he was having with the vehicle at that time. There were two other passengers in the vehicle with the driver, and they exited the vehicle as well in order to change their seating arrangement to enable the driver to address the issue he was having with the vehicle, according to police.