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Taking eclipse photo using your cell phone

COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- Come next Monday, the solar eclipse will be visible to Brazos Valley for everyone to enjoy. You've heard the safety precautions, but how do you take that decisive shot? Turns out you can get decent results from your phone without having an expensive camera.

Tips you can use to prepare for the shot:

1. Have a steady platform to shoot on.

This includes a tripod for your phone, or just simply leaning against a tree to have a stable platform. That way the shot isn't blurry caused by shaky hands.

2. Invest in a phone telephoto lens, and use solar glasses.

Invest is a pretty big word, invoking that you'll have to spend an arm and a leg to get one. Click here to see the set we used for this story, that includes everything, including the tripod and other lenses.

The telephoto lens acts like a magnifying glass that gets you closer to the sun, and the solar glasses act like a sunglasses that help you camera see the sun.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Come next Monday, the eclipse will only happen a couple minutes. So going out this weekend and practicing with the sun out will help you better prepare when the moment really matters.

With these simple tips, they will give you the best chances of getting that perfect shot. Happy and safe shooting!