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'Adulting 101' classes teach kids how to survive in the 'real world' after high school

Cleaning, laundry, maintaining a car, saving for retirement and more...
Credit: WBIR

Some schools are now teaching a crash course in “adulting,” reports WAVE-TV.

Seniors at Kentucky’s Fern Creek High School take three days and learn basic household tasks, including how to maintain a car, life skills, how insurance works and how to save money for retirement.

The class is appropriately named “Adulting 101.”

"The term ‘adulting’ has been a big thing lately,” teacher Sara Wilson-Abell told WAVE. “We had bankers come in and talk to our students about basic loans. We had State Farm here talking about insurance. We had representatives here talking about retirement.”

Students head outdoors where they learn the basics of looking over a car, including checking the oil and changing a tire on the side of the road.

And sorry, kids, adulting includes cleaning. They also received instruction on basic home maintenance and doing laundry, reported WAVE.

Some of the training is geared towards students headed off to college – specifically info on dealing with homesickness and cooking in a dorm room.

So what do you think of the classes? Should all schools have a similar course? Let us know on the KHOU 11 Facebook page.


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