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College Station ISD Education Foundation surpasses $2 million in grants

After a two-year battle with COVID-19, College Station ISD is granting teachers rewards.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — After a grueling battle with COVID-19, teachers are getting relief as a non-profit hit a milestone in the amount of grants given to educators.

Every year, the College Station Independent District's Education Foundation collaborates with CSISD to give extra funding to educators and resources that is not in the district's budget. 

Executive Director of the foundation Teresa Benden shared how this alleviates challenges many faced because of the pandemic.

"Through the years if you add all that money up we surpassed 2 million dollars in funding of teacher grants to our district," said Benden.

The teacher grant process starts in August, and from there it is evaluated by Education Foundation board members in October. Grants are given out the month after, in November. 

Benden stated how teachers are rewarded the stream of grants with a varied need across the schools. She believe it meets the needs and wants of every CSISD student.

Furthermore, after College Station voters approved a proposition that will increase teacher pay, Benden stated how it's the perfect blend of collaborative community support.

"They range in anything from an after school club, all the way to outdoor greenhouses, we have a drone grant," Benden stated. "Our grant process, helps them do some things they wouldn't be able to do and hopefully gives them a sense of support for them personally in the classroom and gives them an opportunity to kind of live out their dreams that they have with their students."

Overall, the grants increase teacher pay, allowing them to remain as teachers in their district where they are rewarded and supported. CSISD Education Foundation will host a grant patrol ceremony on Wednesday, Nov. 16th at 8:30 a.m.

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