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Exceptional Aggie: Meet "DJ B"

Dallas-born Aggie, Bridget Frank, is a leader in her student government by day and a DJ by night all while overcoming macular degeneration.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Dallas-born Political Science and Psychology minor, Bridget Frank keeps buys with her school work and her involvement in Student Senate at A&M.

Since last year, Frank has represented the caucus of Liberal Arts in her student government, but every Friday night, she shares her creative side with her peers, playing a DJ set at Icon Nightclub in College Station as "DJ B." 

"I have always loved music since I was really little. My parents would always play music for me like, in the car listening to Prince in the car with my mom and The Doors with my dad,” she said.

“Then in about the 6th or seventh grade I started hearing more EDM electronic dance music... and just totally fell in love with this... and I was like I need to do this. I want to be a part of this.”

From there, Frank worked her way through the Dallas EDM scene,like many musicians, through humble beginnings.

“The first thing I ever got paid for was a quinceñera in Dallas, which was as a 16-year-old girl... so out of my element,” she said.

From birthday parties birthed a dream that really came together for Frank at Summer Sendoff, a festival-style event in Dallas.  

Her musical journey is one not like most though.

“It’s very difficult going about my day to day life, looking at people and recognizing people... people will be like, oh, ‘why are you looking at me this way’ or like ‘why cant you see me’ or ‘I waved at you on campus’, I’m like, you guys! I wish I could see you too,” Frank said.

“I’m legally blind and so I have this rare genetic disorder its called Stargardt's it’s a genetic disease of my retina its like macular degeneration but juvenile... I can’t drive, I couldn’t recognize my best friend if she was standing right next to me.”

In the past, Frank dealt with a few musical growing pains with her equipment. 

“I use my laptop and a controller. And when I first got it, every single tiny knob I used to have to get really up close to it or even take pictures with my phone."

Now, she is used to quickly zooming in and out of her computer screen to pick songs and beats for her weekly sets. 

Among all she has to do, though, her passion never leaves her sight.

“When I visualize my future, like that is what I see myself doing. a successful music producer, booking festivals, wearing crazy outfits, just being a full on DJ,” she said.

Because I love it so much... I have to keep chasing it... it’s hard living in a visual world but everyone has their own struggle and own journey that they have to conquer and this is just mine... you make it work and I’ve gotten there somehow.”

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