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Iola ISD asking voters to pass bond proposal

Iola ISD is looking to build a new gym for fine arts and sports with the new bond proposal.

IOLA, Texas — On the ballot this May, many school districts are trying to pass bond proposals to improve their campuses. In a district north of Bryan-College station, one school district is trying to make this a starting point to much bigger goals for their area.

With elections around the corner, Iola I.S.D is looking to improve its campuses through extensive improvements. It’s a topic, Jeff Dyer, the Iola ISD Superintendent, says has been months in the making.

“They came up with a few items they recommended to the school board and we put those items to Gallagher Construction and they gave us a price tag," said Dyer.

The price of their bond is set to cost $24,000,000, which would increase the number of classrooms and renovate the administration building. As well as remove one of the buildings located in the heart of the school that Dyer says has led to drainage issues in the wet weather.

The superintendent also said that he hopes to help the fine arts and athletics programs at their school.

“They play, it disrupts nap time, so we’re trying to get them their own room, that’s a big deal for these guys. So we pick up an extra six classrooms in this gym and the next thing we want is a competition gym," said Dyer.

The gym would account for $19,000,000 of the $24,000,000 and the superintendent wants it to have more than one purpose for people in the area.

“It would not only house our volleyball and basketball games, we can do our plays for one-act play, we wanna have our concerts with our band, and our elementary Christmas plays in this gym," said Dyer.

So as voters cast their ballot, Dyer said he remains hopeful.

“It’s a very exciting time, it’s a very busy time for our community. If it passes it’s going to be a great addition to our community," said Dyer.

Dyer said voters can vote early this week or on Election Day, May 7. 

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