COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Schools across the Brazos Valley are closed due to concerns over the coronavirus. However, just because schools are not in session, does not mean students are just expected to do nothing.

"There are several different components to this as we work to reach our kids and continue to educate them through this pandemic," said interim superintendent for College Station ISD, Mike Martindale.

College Station ISD is putting out low and high tech options for students to take advantage of. The topics will go over previously learned material to give students a refresher.

"It depends on the family," said Blaire Grande, the principal of Pebble Creek Elementary School. "We know everyone's in a different circumstance at home so we are putting resources out there, which are optional at this point. We want kids to be working on things but we do understand for each family."

Students can either get their lessons through a digital handout or pick up a packet from a school site.

For some of the older grades, like intermediate, junior and high school, the school district is offering Schoology. It is a virtual learning service and learning management system. School district officials compare it to social media sites like Facebook for accessibility.

"We're venturing out where nobody has gone before, so we need patience," Martindale said.

For now, the lessons won't be graded.

Faculty and staff within CSISD will be assessing the programs and make decisions from there. 

"Right now we have a lot of different tools that we're using to figure out what works best for us to be able to connect our staff to our students," Tiffany Parkerson, the principal of College High School. "These are also tools that our students can still use to connect while we're physically distancing."

Teachers will be available by email, Schoology messenger or through established office hours for students and families to answer questions.


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