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Navasota ISD Guardian Plan remains steady one year after Uvalde tragedy

Despite a survey stating 76% of teachers not wanting to be armed in the wake of Uvalde, Other school districts have commended Navasota ISD for their Guardian Plan.

NAVASOTA, Texas — Recent tragedies have shaken the U.S. to its core. 

From Sandy Hook, to Stoneman Douglas, to Uvalde; the list of mass school shootings across the nation sadly doesn't stop there.

Following the Uvalde tragedy, many school districts opted into plans pushed by Texas lawmakers such as the School Marshall Program or Guardian Plan to allow certain educators to be armed on school campuses.

The Navasota Independent School District is one of the four districts out of Grimes County to adopt it.

"We know that this is America's disease, unique in the world," said California Attorney General, Rob Bonta.

Since then Texas lawmakers implemented the Guardian Plan that allows multiple teachers to be armed to protect schools. Navasota ISD adopted the idea last July.

"It allows for multiple folks to be authorized and approved concealed carry personnel for a school district," explained Navasota ISD Superintendent Dr. Stu Musik.

Thankfully, Musik said things have been quiet since the adoption of the Guardian Plan. In the wake of one year since the Uvalde tragedy, Navasota ISD schools were thankfully peaceful as its students celebrated their last day for the school year.

Yet he shared in a conversation with KAGS that after the plan was adopted, it made people feel at ease.

"Whether they're a part of the program or not apart of the program knowing that it is there and knowing that it is available if needed," he said.

Despite a survey from the Texas Tribune showing 76% of teachers not wanting to be armed, Musik says many districts have commended Navasota for their adoption of the Guardian Plan.

"And folks over the last several years and either asking about what we did or how we gathered information," he said.

With summer break in session their training can begin for newcomers to the district and recertify those already in the program. As many still mourn the many tragedies their goal is to have this plan ready in case of an emergency, hoping they won't ever have to carry it out.

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