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Rudder High School looking for additional classrooms on Bryan ISD bond

If Bryan ISD's $175 million bond is approved by voters, some of that money will go towards constructing 14 additional classrooms on campus.
Credit: KAGS

BRYAN, Texas — Bryan ISD's $175 million bond will be on the Nov. 3, 2020 election day ballot. Schools like Rudder High School believe the improvements, construction and upgrades the bond presents are much needed for the learning environment. 

“You see growth within Bryan ISD and at our schools," said Rachel Layton, the principal at Rudder High School. "I anticipate that our school will grow even bigger.”

Rudder High School opened in 2008 and has been able to serve thousands of students and counting. Although the building has only been around for just 12 years, growth continues to happen around the district. 

“Obviously, my goal here as principal is to have a very successful high school," Layton said. "I would love to see more growth and make these classrooms a necessity.” 

If Bryan ISD's bond is approved by voters, some of that money will go towards constructing 14 additional classrooms on the west wing of the campus. The rooms would replace the outdated five portables outside of the school. 

Layton said it is beneficial for both students and teachers to be in the same building. 

“[Teachers] are able to go to the same workrooms to see each other and work together better," Layton said. "Oftentimes, teachers who are outside in the portables do not often get to interact with teachers in the building.” 

Students who have classes in the portables also sometimes run into trouble.

“It is a long walk for students," said senior Madison Colvin. "Sometimes it even makes them late if you’re going across campus.” 

Because the portables are outside, students and teachers face whatever the weather is like to access them. 

“They did build an awning on the sidewalk, but it doesn’t do much," Colvin said. "It doesn’t block the rain that’s blowing sideways, which normally it is and whenever it is freezing cold, you have to walk outside anyways to get to your class.”

When students head outside to leave or get to their class in the portables, there isn't much monitoring which leads to some students leaving campus. 

“They’re not really a positive thing other than having more space for more students," Colvin said.

Layton said great teaching will go on no matter the location on campus, but she feels the additions will add more safety and security elements for students and teachers.

Bryans ISD's bond also addresses the following at Rudder High School's campus:

  • Added pole lights for increased visibility around campus.
  • Upgrades to the public address and sound system
  • Expanded parking lots.
  • Repairing the roofs.
  • Upgrades to plumbing, electrical and HVAC on campus.
  • More maintenance on priority facility repairs and upgrades.

The cost at Rudder High School is estimated at $8,428,647 out of the $175 million bond. If the bond is approved, there would be no tax increase for Bryan ISD taxpayers.