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During National School Choice Week, a tuition-free online school is looking to cater to pandemic learning styles

A tuition-free online public school is encouraging parents to take control of their child's learning experience by selecting the best method of learning for them.

TEXAS, USA — In the past three years, the learning experience for children has shifted, with the pandemic leaving students with few learning choices.

From no school, to virtual, and now back to traditional teachings in the classroom, next week, starting on Jan. 22, National School Choice Week will kick off. 

Texas Connections Academy is the largest tuition free public school in Texas and is encouraging parents to take a look at their children's learning methods through Jan. 28, when National School Choice Week ends.

"We know in Texas where legislature is a proponent of ensuring that families have the ability to make choices for their students' education, and school choice is really about that," stated TCA Assistant Principal Jada Andrews.

At TCA, they prioritize a style of learning that caters to the vast changes students and educators both faced during the pandemic.

"It's about giving parents and families agency over their student's education and school choice week is just celebrating that effort," said Andrews. "All of the teachers who shifted to online learning on a dime, that necessarily wasn't their choice to shift and accommodate families to do pandemic learning online."

Families just didn't know this type of learning was an option until the pandemic happened. TCA students learn by being paired with a teacher that monitors their skills daily with their entire lesson plans built into their computer.

"That's why it's so important for our families to have different multiple options because every student is different and they have different needs," said Andrews.

Now it's time to embrace and address the best way your child learns, because the choice is in your hands.

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