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Firefighters adopt puppy they rescued from burning apartment

Firefighters found Titus under a bed when they responded to an apartment fire. Now they're giving him a forever home. 

Firefighters of the City of Newburgh Fire Department in New York give oxygen to a puppy that was rescued from a burning apartment.

A puppy who was rescued from a burning apartment in New York is now being adopted by the firefighters who saved his life.

When Newburgh firefighters responded to the blaze on August 3, they heard reports that two puppies were missing, People Pets reported. Firefighter Chris Baum found one of the dogs and brought it outside to give the pooch CPR. The puppy didn't survive.

They ran back inside and found the other dog, Titus, under a bed.

"I brought him outside and began treating him with oxygen and trying to take care of his burns, assisted by firefighter Jimmy Moore,” Lt. Timothy Dexter said.

After learning that the puppy's owner wasn't interested in keeping the 6- to 8-week-old pit bull, Moore decided to keep the dog and Dexter offered to help him care for it.

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