BRYAN - Four adults are facing charges for child endangerment for allegedly "dipping" a nine-year-old girl in a bathtub multiple times as a form of punishment because the girl was misbehaving in school.

The adults involved were the girl's parents, her grandmother and her grandmother's housemate.

Adrian Robinson, 33, admitted to holding his daughter under water multiple times after she didn't respond to other forms of punishment.

Robinson told police, it was his mother's idea -- and the incident took place at the grandmother, Jaqueline Robinson's house in Bryan.

A man living with the grandmother, Larry Boyd, also helped in holding the girl under water against her will.

The child's mother, Shauna Burns, 29, told police she didn't dip her daughter, but was present when it happened back in December.

A professional counselor we spoke with said this behavior is a form of torture and can have lasting effects.

"When anybody who is a close caregiver mistreats you and puts your safety at risk, not only is it a physical abuse, but it's emotional abuse. Going on to perhaps have challenges with personality disorders and worst case scenario can also have challenges interrelating,” Sherry Blair, a board certified professional counselor, said.

The four adults were arrested on Friday, but all have posted bail, and the case is on-going.