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Are you gaining quarantine weight? Here's how to keep yourself in check

Exercising and eating healthy and in moderation is very important during this pandemic.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — With many gyms still closed and most people working at home, it may be hard to stay fit and healthy during this pandemic.

Texas A&M School of Public Health  professor and CrossFit trainer Selina Stasi says being intentional with your exercise is important to staying healthy, and being creative at home will give you different options to workout.

“At home you want to utilize whatever space and equipment that you do have, and equipment is very flexible. If you want to do something at home, I see people utilize their living space for things like burpees or using a bench outside, stepping up towards the bench or jumping up onto the bench, box jump, utilizing body weight movements," said Stasi.

She added that watching YouTube, TikTok and other platforms can give you more ideas on how to workout in limited spaces.

On top of exercising, eating healthy and in moderation still remains important during this pandemic.

“If you are less physically active and you’re eating the same amount, your body weight could increase. It’s the net amount of energy that you’re putting into your body and that means energy in and energy out, so if there is more energy in and less energy out, there will be a net gain of energy in the body--that means the storage of added fat and that’s what causes obesity," said Texas A&M Department of Food and Nutrition Dr. Robert Chapkin.

He added that limiting consumption of certain foods and drinks can benefit your health.

"Limit the consumption of fast food. Fast foods normally are high in calories...you're going to get more calories that's going to translate ultimately into more body weight unless you expend that energy by exercising more. Limit consumption of bread and processed meats. Limit consumption of sugared sweetened drinks. Limit alcohol consumption, so if you drink alcohol, you should do it moderately. Less than a glass of wine is considered acceptable," said Dr. Chapkin

Being stuck at home may also mean easier access to food throughout the day.

“When a lot of us are working from home, we get in the trap of there’s snacks everywhere all the time within just a few feet from where we might be working, and so it can be really helpful to stop and ask yourself, 'hey am I actually hungry right now or am I just bored, or am I stressed', because yes high fat and high sugar treat items can make us feel good really quickly but a lot of times you might be running to those snacks when we’re not actually hungry....," said licensed dietician Keri Carpenter.

It's not just food and exercise that feed into your body weight, but also your emotional and mental state.

"What you have to do is look at the overall day and overall week and [ask yourself] what am I doing that can kind of contribute and help health? Are you sleeping enough, because not getting enough sleep can impact weight as well. Are you stressed? Stress can contribute to our health and overall weight gain too, so looking at ways to provide joy in [your] lives [is important]," said Carpenter.

While staying at home during quarantine, keeping in check these tips may help you adjust to a different health routine in this new normal.

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