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Fight the "Twindemic" Brazos Co. Health District weighs in on flu, COVID-19

People can get COVID-19 and the flu at the same time, and Dr. Seth Sullivan said even with post-pandemic habits, no one is immune to the flu.

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — COVID-19 concerns have been on our minds for almost seven months. Now, as flu season approaches, we have that much more to worry about. 

The Brazos County Health District said taking care of yourself is not that hard.

The CDC said influenza activity often starts to increase in October, and no matter how cautious people have gotten with the COVID-19 pandemic, they should still be proactive about protecting themselves from the flu.

“We can never fully protect ourselves from all things," said Dr. Seth Sullivan, who is the county Health Authority with the Brazos County Health District. "So, even doing the best that we can, including wearing masks and socially distancing, there’s still a possibility that we are in contact with influenza.” 

He said the best action to protect yourself from the flu is always to get the flu shot. 

There are four strains represented in the influenza vaccine, and every year people get vaccinated, their bodies have those four strains to remember. 

Our bodies are not familiar with COVID-19, though, and along with keeping those CDC-recommended habits of wearing masks, social distancing and frequent handwashing, Dr. Sullivan said to keep at those precautions you can control. 

Protecting yourself is easier than dealing with the potential consequences. People can get and have the flu and COVID-19 at the same time.

“The flu is bad enough on its own, COVID-19 is bad enough on its own, to get both is not a good situation,” said Dr. Sullivan.

Recovery and long term effects of having both viruses at the same time can be brutal, so Dr. Sullivan’s message to those still on the fence is simple. 

“There is not a vaccine widely available for COVID-19, but there is one for flu, and folks should be getting that.”

Dr. Sullivan advised we shouldn’t let our guard down for the flu or COVID-19. Keep social distancing, keep wearing those masks and keep washing those hands.

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