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Brazos Valley coronavirus update: Still no confirmed cases at this time

The Brazos County Health District gives an update on the virus in the Brazos Valley.

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — UPDATE 3-16-20:

There are still currently no confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Brazos County.

Dr. Seth Sullivan says when you have an outbreak of something like the coronavirus ,it can be difficult to secure testing for so many patients.

He said like many states around the country, It's important to limit testing to patients who are truly showing symptoms of the potential illness.

Dr. Sullivan says the testing process is complicated and there has to be a priority for those who are at the highest risk. 


The Brazos County Health District hosted their weekly briefing on COVID-19 Wednesday afternoon, giving an update on the status of coronavirus in the Brazos Valley. 

Dr. Seth Sullivan wanted the community to know that there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus anywhere in the Brazos Valley at this time, but that he wouldn't be surprised if it was diagnosed here in the coming days or weeks.

" What we do know works is hand-washing and this concept of social distancing which is that if we can avoid, especially those who are vulnerable, as we mentioned the higher risk individuals; those who are elderly those who have chronic medical conditions, heart disease, lung disease, immuno-compromising conditions, immune system being low. Those individuals  should pay special attention to avoiding mass gatherings,traveling unnecessarily, etcetera," said Dr. Sullivan.

Dr. Sullivan asserted that they are in contact with local and federal officials every day, keeping an eye on the ever-changing status of the virus.

And if you are having symptoms, he recommended you call your primary care doctor to see if it's necessary to come in and get care.

He also encouraged the community to stay up-to-date with the latest information on the virus either on the websites for the CDC or the World Health Organization.


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