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Why vaccine sites are seeing a decrease in the number of patients

It’s week 18 of COVID-19 vaccine allocations and some vaccine sites are beginning to close up shop since the demand for the vaccine is diminishing.

TEXAS, USA — The Texas Department of State Health Services’ website has Blinn College as one of the places that can be allocated covid-19 vaccines.

The junior college was allocated 1,000 doses of Moderna.

Texas A&M University was allocated over 4,000 combined Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer.

Chief Jim Stewart said he thinks this is why the HUBs aren’t seeing much action anymore and the fact that there are people who don’t even want the vaccine.

“The miss-information on social media and then people who believe this miss-information, regardless of what facts you present to them, they’re not going to take the vaccine,” Chief Stewart said.

Chief Stewart said they’ve decided to open their doors at 10 am Tuesday to anyone and see what happens.

Chief Stewart said the HUB will be giving out 1,800 doses of the Moderna vaccine and its doors will remain open until 6 pm for anyone who wants the vaccine.

“No appointment required,” Chief Stewart said, “we’ll register you on site and get you in the system so there’s a record of it. Then we’ll administer the vaccine.”

Over at the Washington County SubHUB, starting this week, they are no longer offering first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The SubHUB will only be administering 2nd doses for the next four weeks on Wednesdays.

Dr. Martha Dannenbaum, director of TAMU’s Student Health Services said we went from nobody was getting the vaccine and now everyone can.

“I think this matches up with what many of us are experiencing in that, everybody who wants a vaccine has probably already found a way to get it,” Dr. Dannenbaum said.

Dr. Dannenbaum said the Health Services at TAMU has been experiencing a decrease in the number of people registering for the vaccine…so much so they decided to send their leftover vaccines to other TAMU facilities.

“We’ve transferred some of our doses to the College of Medicine and the College of Pharmacy through the Health Services and they are going to help get some of the population we might have missed throughout TAMU affiliated.”