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'They put us in the front with no ammo' | San Antonio doctor says he doesn't have the supplies he needs if coronavirus peaks

Nearly 30 doctors work in the Stone Oak area clinic, and as of Tuesday there was only one box of masks left.

SAN ANTONIO — Strapped for supplies. Doctors fighting the coronavirus are calling it a war with no ammo.  President of Medcare Dr. Saleh Jaafar said he is left scrambling for supplies. 

"Here we are as primary care physicians, first line of defense we do not have the equipment that we need to continue," he said. "We are doing just fine now, we have some masks, but if this goes on for six months..."

Nearly 30 doctors work in the Stone Oak area clinic, and as of Tuesday, there was only one box of masks left. 

"We need on the local level is more support from health officials," he said. "If this hits San Antonio hard, then we don't have the protective gear. We only have masks and that is not going to be enough if it does peak in San Antonio."

According to health care professionals across the country, masks, gowns, gloves, and goggles are needed. Jaafar is also taking every precautionary step by testing patients who are most vulnerable to coronavirus. He is testing them in the parking lot, which is something he just started. 

"So, we don't bring them up to the clinic and expose them to other patients," he said.

A doctor who is focused to help patients is strained by the lack of basic supplies.

"They put us in the front, with no ammo," he said.  "I don't think a primary care physician should be left alone in the fight."

Dr. Jaafar said he is looking for masks on Amazon and is calling up other physicians. He even checked in with other hospitals but had no luck. He is hoping that local health care officials will answer the call and help. 

Meanwhile, on Monday, Governor Greg Abbott was in San Antonio and said medical supplies are on the way across the state. But, for doctors like Jaafar those supplies can't come soon enough.

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