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Here's how quarantine may be hurting your skin

If your acne is making a comeback, or your skin has felt oddly dry, this could be a side effect of quarantine.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — If you’ve been spending most of your time at home for the last six months, you’re definitely not alone. However, this switch up of your routine might not be so friendly on your skin. 

If your acne is making a comeback, or your skin has felt oddly dry, this could be a side effect of quarantine. 

“The effects of stress can be magnified and exemplified in your skin, so you can see lots of different skin conditions seem to be exacerbated during periods of stress...things like acne will get worse, they will have flares of conditions like psoriasis and eczema," said Baylor Scott & White dermatologist Dr. Rachel Moore.

With more hand washing and sanitizing, it’s normal for your skin to peel or feel extra dry.  

“You really have to be more careful to moisturize... so after you do your hand sanitizer, you want to moisturize, put on a thick moisturizing cream...[and] drinking plenty of water, staying hydrated will help," said Dr. Moore.  

She says staying inside with the air condition constantly on will also dry out your skin. Another factor that can incite these skin issues can also be a lack of vitamin D from staying inside more.  

“What we’re noticing is if you are deficient in vitamin D, then you could be prone to increasing issues with acne...[and] you could have premature aging in your skin. So vitamin D is very important overall," said Dr. Moore.

On top of getting vitamin D when you go outside, Dr. Moore said you can also take Calcium and vitamin D supplements, or eat foods that have vitamin D added to them. 

Dr. Moore also said drinking a lot of water and getting good sleep will help you regulate your stress and in turn help your skin.