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TEEX holds free bleeding control classes

Most times, we should leave life saving to medical professionals, which is usually true, but in case of an emergency, anyone can step in and potentially save a life.

BRYAN, Texas — For a few weeks during January and throughout the year, TEEX is hosting free Bleeding Control courses for the public.

Most people think we should leave life saving to medical professionals… which is usually true, but in case of an emergency, anyone can step in and potentially save a life. 

From applying tourniquets to life saving techniques and bleeding control, the two-hour course's goal is to prepare anyone willing to learn how to handle an emergency situation involving profuse bleeding.

Course instructor and TEEX Career Services Coordinator, Steven Robertson has been in EMS for 25 years and has taught bleeding control basics for a while now.

The classes are something he along with TEEX know is more useful now than it has ever been. 

“Sandy Hook was the initial startup for the stop the bleed program... This came around as a need instead of coming in behind an incident, Texas wanted to move forward and put it where we can be ahead of the curve if something were to happen,” he said.

“We have folks everything from just the general public all the way to instructors that have been in EMS for numerous years.”

In just two hours, those students learn what injuries need immediate attention and how to apply it with a tourniquet or gauze. 

That kind of help makes a huge impact to the public, and Roberston feels “this is near and dear to [his] heart. We have so often have injuries that come up that people don’t realize that they can help with these injuries that normally people would just ignore or think they can’t do anything with.”

If they leave the course with just one thing, Robertson just wants his students to know, “they can save somebody’s life by simply doing some bleeding control.”

Find out how you can take a Bleeding Control Basics course on the TEEX website.


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