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Task force created to find out how to keep teachers in classrooms

Retaining teachers is an issue many school districts are dealing with. That's why the Texas AFT created a task force to find out what can be done to keep them.

HOUSTON — Retaining teachers is a struggle that many Texas school districts are facing.

That's why the Texas American Federation of Teachers created a task force to find out what can be done to keep educators in schools.

The Texas AFT team identified key areas that need to change to help fix the teacher shortage:

  • Respect from administrators
  • Teachers want to be included in policy and curriculum decisions
  • Increase salary and benefits

Some teachers are working several jobs just to make ends meet.

Reducing the size of classes is another important factor for teachers.

"So we can meet kids' needs when we see them ... right then and there and we have to have ... social and emotional supports," American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten said.

Another solution that the task force found was a shift in culture -- uplifting teachers' voices and providing more opportunities for personal growth.

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