PLANO -- Deciding on which pair of sunglasses to rock this summer should be more than a fashion statement because those shades could prevent conditions far beyond simply squinting.

“We neglect the fact that sunglasses not only protect the eyeball but the skin around the eyeball,” said Dr. Albert Pang with Trinity Eye Care in Plano.

For people who do not like breaking the bank for a pair of sunglasses, cheap knock-off sunglasses can be found at gas stations and mall kiosks. Although they may fit one’s budget and fashion sense, do not expect them to provide the protection needed.

“You get what you pay for,” said Pang. “A good pair of sunglasses is going to run you $150-250.”

The most important aspect of sunglasses is how much protection they provide from UV rays. Exposing your eyes to UV light without the proper protection could lead to cataracts later in life and expose your skin to other dangers.

Pang said your eyelids are extremely prone to skin cancers such as Carcinoma.

“That is the part of the skin that is the thinnest and provides the least protection.”

You should check for UV protection and polarization when selecting shades, according to Pang, and also consider a frame that covers your entire eye.

Different tints and colors also provide different levels of protection. UV rays can beam down even on days when it is not sunny, so Pang recommends wearing sunglasses anytime you are outside for an extended period.