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Motorcycle crash victim given unexpected ticket by Bryan PD

Hassan Hachem collided with a curb on the Texas Avenue near Downtown Bryan. He claims a truck changing lanes is what forced the collision.

BRYAN, Texas — Hassan Hachem, a 17-year-old living in College Station, suffered a crash on his motorcycle on March 29 on the Texas Avenue and South College Avenue intersection near Downtown Bryan. From there, he was forced into an extensive recovery in and out of the hospital.

After Hachem had to undergo surgery to repair several parts of his body, he claims that a Bryan Police officer unfairly gave him a ticket for not having a motorcycle license.

“I was so loopy with so many rounds of morphine going through me. It turns out he used to ride and we talked about that. He whipped out his little clipboard and said I had something to sign. I said, "What’s that?"

He said, "It’s a ticket," said Hachem.

Kole Taylor, the Public Information Officer with the Bryan Police Department, said that often, police will follow-up with crash victims in the hospital for a variety of reasons.

"It can happen that way. Even in multi-vehicle collisions, our officers will often follow up in the hospital.... It's more like they'd like to present it to them so it's not like a waiting game," said Taylor.

As Hachem continued to look into the details of his crash, he found that Bryan PD filed an accidental report after their initial investigation. However, the 17-year-old claimed that a criminal investigation should've been pursued.

“There was no investigative report, all there was an accidental report. Quite frankly, I feel failed," said Hachem.

After looking into the area of the crash, KAGS found that there appeared to be no traffic cameras in the exact area of Texas avenue where the crash occurred. 

"He did go look back and try to find surrounding footage, camera footage from around. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything to locate any potential vehicle involved," said Taylor.

Bryan PD said they followed the procedure of most vehicle collisions by speaking with the people involved, gathering witness statements, locating any evidence, and filing a report based on what was discovered. Taylor admitted because there was no clear criminal intent, this was the reason why a criminal investigation wasn't pursued.

Hachem said he's still in recovery, his motorcycle was totaled, and because of his current condition, won't be able to ride another motorcycle for multiple months.

If you'd like to support Hassan, you can donate towards his recovery on his GoFundMe.

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