COLLEGE STATION, Texas — It takes only 10 minutes before temperatures in a car can rise almost 20 degrees.

"At 107 degrees, death can occur," said Ashley Kopech, RN with Baylor Scott and White. 

In 2018, there were more than 52 heat related deaths from kids being left in the car. 

"If you don't think it can happen to you, it may," she said. "No one is excluded,"

To avoid this tragic situation, Kopech said try things like talking with your kid during the car ride. And if you have a baby, leave something like your purse or work bag with them to remind you to check the backseat.

But, it's not just cars. The heat is on in other places. 

The National Program for Playground safety says only 3% of playgrounds are fully covered from the sun. 

Meaning surfaces like metal slides, money bars, and playground equipment can heat up very quickly. 

"I know we all used to play outside when we were kids too --- it's just trying to find that balance," she said. 

So if you do find yourself on the way to the park - check the weather, check the equipment, and check the backseat - so everyone gets home safe.