COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Minimizing the stigma of mental health on college campuses is what the group Active Minds do across the nation.

It was only last year that this group started at Texas A&M. One of the members, knows the importance of suicide awareness and wants to make sure anyone on campus, has some one to talk to.

"When students walk by, you can actually see their facial expressions change, their eyebrows will raise when they read the statistics because they weren't aware how big of an impact suicide has on college campuses," Chairman, Alicia Steinley said.

Steinley went through suicidal tendencies herself two years as a freshman. Now she is using her voice to help others through Active Minds.

"Our mission is to start the conversation about mental health and we wanted a big display that people would see on campus," she said.

If you need someone to talk to or know someone who does, please click here.