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'I've treated 6,000+ patients for COVID. I've treated 0 for vaccine complications': Triad Doctor

Dr. McQuaid says you should be more worried about getting COVID than getting the vaccine.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The COVID-19 vaccine doesn't have full FDA approval. That is absolutely true. It has emergency approval. Often, when I talk to folks who are hesitant or resistant to getting the vaccine, this is the truth many of them come back to. I raised that point with Dr. Brent McQuaid from Cone Health.

“Sometimes, it helps to talk common sense numbers. Last year, I saw 6,000 patients sick with COVID. I've cared for zero patients who have had complications with the vaccine. Those numbers just speak for itself,” said McQuaid, Cone Health’s COVID-19 lead physician.

Numbers work for many people, but maybe numbers aren't your thing. Dr. McQuaid says then, think about the people.

“We know tens of thousands of people who have gotten the vaccine and they're not coming into the hospital sick, but who we are caring for are the people who have COVID-19 and never got a vaccine in the first place,” said McQuaid.

Federal health experts believe the vaccine could be fully approved by the FDA at the end of this month.


You could walk away with more money now if you go to get your first COVID-19 shot with a certain provider participating in the state's summer card program.

Participating locations across North Carolina are opting into the state's COVID-19 vaccine incentives program. Now, anyone 18 and older who gets their first dose of a COVID-19 shot will get a $100 Summer Card at locations offering the incentive. Anyone who drives someone to get their first shot will get a $25 card.

There are locations across the Triad participating in the program, but you have to check the state’s website to find out what locations are offering it on which dates. Visit the state's website and scroll down to the map to find locations, dates, and providers participating.


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