COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Today, first responders from all around Brazos County took a break from their daily routine --- to get some hands-on experience with new equipment.

CapRock brings all first responders up to date on the information and tactics to help them out in the field.

"There is some element of refresher but most of it is new material where we talk about new medications and new therapy for trauma, and any type of care that they might need out in the streets or a mass casualty situation," Dr. Andy Wilson said.

EMT's, paramedics, firefighters and law enforcement agents all took home a souvenir that could help save a life.

"A tourniquet is probably the most major thing you can use on a wound to stop the bleeding so just simply using a tourniquet can save a lot of lives and there is a lot of information they teach in their first aid class that is very important to us," Jeff Reeves said.