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4th of July: Watch out for you and your furry friend too

Independence Day is not far off, so here's a few tips to get you and your pets through the holiday weekend in one piece!

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — It’s the first day of July which means Independence Day is not far off. You may have already begun to see displays of fireworks across the nation over the last week. 

Here in the city limits of Bryan-College Station, it is illegal to set off fireworks. Not only can you can face up to a $1,000 fine, but you can also get hurt.

“On the Fourth of July every year, the number of fires in the nation double and that’s because of the use of fireworks, but we also see a lot of injuries. Most of those injuries are to the hands, and then you got eye injuries, ear injuries, those sensitive areas get hurt by fireworks, so what we really want people to do is find professional fireworks show to go to and leave the fireworks to the professionals," said College Station firefighter Stuart Marrs

Although discouraged by the Fire Department in College Station, if you are in an area legal for consumer fireworks, make sure you are taking safety precautions.

“Make sure you have a water hose nearby, make sure you have a bucket of water nearby. After those fireworks are used and you’ve cleaned up the area, put those used fireworks in water and let them soak overnight," said Marr.

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While you are enjoying the festivities with friends and family, don’t forget to check on your furry friends.

“As it gets darker maybe turn the tv on, close the windows, keep your pet in kind of the interior of the home and just be aware if your pet does start exhibiting symptoms of anxiety, so shaking, you can see more of the whites in their eyes, just try to keep them calm maybe in their kennel. It’s no fun but it's definitely something you want to look out for," said Aggieland Humane Society communications coordinator Darby McKenzie.

The loud sounds may not make sense to your pets and shelters face a huge intake the two weeks following July fourth.

“We do recommend while you do have some time, go ahead and if your pet is not micro-chipped, call your vet. We still have appointments available, we will be closed on Saturday, but we have appointments. Get your pet micro-chipped," said Mckenzie.

Aggieland Humane Society says pets may hide for a couple days after they run away because they are afraid. The shelter advises you to not give up hope looking for them if they go missing.

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